We’re all about the mush life, as such, we’re bringing the world of mushrooms to a friendly neighborhood near you. Perfect for any day that ends in ‘y,’ our mushroom gummies are ready for you morning, noon and night.
We’ve sourced the best ingredients and methods (slow clap for science) to make sure our gummies deliver on all things health and wellness (check out our FAQs for more on this), without sacrificing the fun and flavor of your new favorite gummies.

If you have any questions or just want to chat (we love a good chat), hit us up.

Stephanie Moyal

Fun(gi) facts about Steph, written by Jake:
  • Steph makes tea that is 50% lemon.
  • She refuses to not be the best at literally anything she does.
  • Her most prized possession is her passport, which is why the Thai police are guarding it forever.
  • I’m not sure if there is a word for dyslexia but only when it comes to math, but she has it.

JAKE Mellman | Cofounder

Fun(gi) facts about Jake, written by Steph:
  • Jake is really bad at being an adrenaline junkie (ie. broken arm, shattered leg, punctured lung). Luckily he’s still in one piece and has assured everyone he has “calmed down.”
  • The only thing Jake ever cooks for himself is gyoza and gnocchi with chicken from Trader Joes. *Editors note, Steph is still trying to explain to Jake that this is called ‘reheating‘.
  • On long car rides, Jake ties a scarf around his forehead and the headrest to avoid neck pain when he wakes up. (Email us for photos)

our mission

Cousins and best friends- we’re on a mission to demystify mushrooms and make them approachable. We believe nature, especially mushrooms hold many of the answers that we’re looking for. By turning to preventative rather than curative health measures, we as a troop can walk a path to a healthier life.

We have seen that being healthy doesn’t have to come at a cost — people and planet can both come first.

Taking Care of our Troop

Like the mycelial network, we are all connected. The underground root structure of mushrooms connects ecosystems and transmits nutrients through mycelial microscopic fibers. For instance, if a tree needs more nutrients than another, the mycelium gives more to that particular tree.

It’s all about giving back to the ecosystem you’re a part of. So from our troop to yours, let’s create a healthier ecosystem.

Like this incredible network, we’re here to support all troops by helping you be the healthiest version of you.